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This training is for individuals who are required by law to make reports of child abuse and/or neglect.

The training is designed to be flexible, so the amount of time it takes you to complete it may vary. Please count on spending approximately two hours. If you need to stop and come back, don't worry -- if you're using the same computer, the training will automatically take you to where you left off. If you need to login from a different computer, just remember the section you were on and you can easily navigate to your page by using the links on the Table of Contents.

Are You a Mandated Reporter?

If you are an Educator, First Responder, Healthcare Provider, or Mental Health Professional, please take the training identified for your profession. All other Mandated Reporters, please take the training identified for Colorado Professionals.

Mandated Reporter Training for Educators

Mandated Reporter Training for First Responders

Mandated Reporter Training for Healthcare Providers

Mandated Reporter Training for Mental Health Professionals

Mandated Reporter Training for Colorado Professionals