What Now? Reimagining Child Welfare Practice During COVID-19

Join any or all of six topic-centered sessions to ask questions, exchange ideas, and hear from others across Colorado as we create new ways of operating and practicing in these virtual times. Share what you are learning, explore what’s working, and lean into the support of our community around topics of RED Teams, Parenting Time, Family Engagement Meetings, Group Supervision, Intake, and Home Visits and Assessing for Safety Virtually during our new reality. Follow the link below and search "what now".

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What You Seek . . . You Will Find

This new normal is not fun—change, uncertainty, and fear never are. What might be possible with a small shift in habits? Join The Science of Positivity: Seeing Possibilities Everywhere to learn simple and powerful practices proven to improve your resiliency and mood during these trying times. Follow the link below and search "positivity".

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All my classes are online—help!

Finding yourself slightly uneasy with the whole world moving online? Us too! First things first: Master how to show up ready to be a learner in the Zoom virtual classroom. Take Zoom Basics for Learners WBT to grow your confidence.

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