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Watch the videos for your Fundamentals courses before your classroom learning begins. To earn your training hours, complete the short quiz for each video set and email it to your facilitator at least two days before your class begins. (The email address is on the quiz.)

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Courses:   HHotline and RED Team   SSafety Through Engagement   WWorking Toward Closure   CChoose Your Own Trail
Role:   Hotline   Assessment   Permanency

  • Hotline Application
  • Client Search
  • Completing a Referral
  • Documenting a Safety Assessment
  • Documenting a Risk Assessment
  • Assessment with Founded Allegations
  • Cases
  • Out-of-Home Placement
  • Family Services Plan
  • Interviews, Contacts, and Visits

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PLAY     Safety and Risk Assessment

PLAY     CDHS Client ID and State ID Research


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